Go-to food processor does drinks, too

The DeLonghi DFP250 Food Processor And Blender combines two popular appliances into one. The unit uses one common base and can operate as a food processor or a blender depending upon which work vessel is attached.

A toast is in order.
A toast is in order. Overstock

Cooking rarely results in the creation of one thing. At the very least, no matter the meal, a drink will be needed to wash it down. For example, a margarita to go with that fresh salsa.

Nobody wants to wrestle with countertop appliances when trying to forge an enjoyable meal, and one way to avoid the hassle is to work with gear that adjusts to your needs. The DeLonghi DFP250 Food Processor And Blender combines two of the most often-used appliances by offering interchangeable work vessels that attach to one common base.

In use, the machine offers a wide range of usability, allowing for convenient food (and drink) preparation. The food processor work bowl has a 9-cup capacity, while the glass blender jar holds 40 ounces. Versatility is accounted for beyond just the two vessels; the appliance ships with a serrated stainless steel chopping blade, a dough tool, a stainless-steel thick slice/shred disc, and a stainless steel fine slice/shred disc.

The brushed die-cast metal base unit provides a striking design with clean, smooth lines and an uncluttered control dial. Also, it should be noted that the multitasking appliance has more than just a pretty form factor; a dual-drive system makes changes automatically according to whether the blender jar or food processor work bowl is in use. And that can only be a good thing, considering there is a margarita to get to.

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