Go ahead kids: Draw on the fridge

Amana introduces the Jot, a dry-erase refrigerator.

Amana introduces the Jot, a dry-erase refrigerator. Amana

Manufactures have long been searching for the perfect combination appliance to appease consumers looking to save time and money. Centering around the refrigerator is always a popular target. As well it should be. More so than any other device, the fridge is central in our kitchens and our lives. Home to shopping lists, quick notes, and artistic masterpieces from children, refrigerator doors everywhere are adorned with this delicate mishmash of how we define ourselves. Such a centerpiece is natural to try to redefine.

The Jot Dry-Erase Refrigerator from Amana takes a swipe at all the high-tech competition clamoring for our kitchen attention. Using a decidedly old-school technology, the company opted to not only include a dry-erase board with its new fridge, but to make the entire outside made of the stuff. Need to write a quick note? Jot it down right on the fridge itself. If you got kids, confuse the heck out of them by telling them it's not OK to draw on the walls, but it's just fine to draw right on the fridge. Running out of milk, cheese, eggs, or other essentials? Go right ahead and keep track right on the appliance that you put them in.

I'm just not sure how you're gonna get that shopping list to the grocery store.

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