Go ahead, cover your keyboard in syrup

Designed by Chris Dimino, the Corona-Matic Waffle Maker is a typewriter keyboard gone waffle maker, though it remains a prototype.

The Corona-Matic waffle maker--the breakfast of typewriter enthusiasts. Chris Dimino

In the spirit of breathing new life into old gadgets, as well as creating the nerdiest breakfast tool ever, designer Chris Dimino managed to make a typewriter into a waffle maker.

The Corona-Matic Waffle maker (which is currently only a prototype) not only produces an extremely large, rectangular, and potentially delicious waffle. Since it's made from an old Corona typewriter, it imprints a keyboard shape into your breakfast food.

The product was spurred by a challenge from Dimino's art school, the School of Visual Arts in New York, to take a "useless product" and make it functional again.

It's hard to say if this item will ever become commercialized (how many Smith Corona-Matic typewriters are floating around?) but it's a bit more appetizing than one of Dimino's other typewriter-inspired inventions--the Ashes to Ashes urn.

(Via InventionReaction.com)

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