Glu Mobile to offer cash for gaming

The company says that it will use the Skillz platform on its hunting-simulation title Deer Hunter Reloaded to offer cash prizes for marksmen.

Deer Hunter Reloaded
Deer Hunter Reloaded Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile, a developer and publisher of freemium games on smartphones and tablets, will start offering cash to highly skilled gamers.

Speaking to Reuters on Thursday, the company confirmed that Android users playing "Deer Hunter Reloaded," its hunting-simulation game, will be able to win cash prizes if they achieve strong results in certain skill-based contests.

In order to win the cash, gamers will need to pay a fee to enter the competition. The company told Reuters that if all goes well, it will bring the cash-for-gaming system to its other Android titles.

Because the cash-based system is based on Skillz, a platform designed to bring cash tournaments to mobile games, Glu Mobile's offering will only be available to Android users. For now, Skillz does not work on iOS.

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