Glasses that display their own subtitles

For the hearing impaired or foreign moviegoers


We've seen a fair number of gadgets designed to assist the hard of hearing, but they usually involve emergencies of one kind or another. (First things first, we suppose.) Few have been dedicated to everyday life, much less any form of entertainment.

That's why an invention by scientists at the University Carlos III of Mardrid caught our attention. It's a technology that projects subtitles onto eyeglass lenses in real time for deaf moviegoers. And as Pocket-lint points out, it could also find a broader market because they could be used by hearing people who want to view films in a foreign land. (Theaters could issue them the way they do 3D glasses, for example, except as an expensive rental.)

Perhaps next they'll invent a way to overlay subtitles on a movie projected directly on the lens.

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