Gigabyte U60 ready for CeBIT

Gigabyte confirms the launch of its U60 UMPC at CeBIT

Gigabyte U60 UMPC

Everything's coming up UMPC for CeBIT--at least, that's how it feels today. In addition to a rumor that the Samsung Q2 will be announced at the show, Taiwan-based Gigabyte has started hyping its own U60 UMPC on its CeBIT page. The company's release [PDF] offered only a teaser's worth of details, describing a 6.5-inch LCD screen, built-in wireless, and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Earlierrumorsadd that the U60 has 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, two USB ports, and an SD/MMC slot.

The most unusual element of the 1.6-pound U60, though, may be its VIA C7-M processor. The affordable alternative processor is used in a number of European portables, but we don't see it here in the States very often. Unfortunately, the last VIA-based UMPC we saw, the TabletKiosk Eo, had performance and battery life issues that forced us to scrap the written review altogether (though you can still watch the video). Here's hoping our second sample fares better.

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