Gift for Mother Earth: First-aid kit

Earth Aid Kits are ready-made packages to help households shrink their energy use.

What do energy hogs deserve for the holidays? Earth Aid Kits are a not-so-subtle hint to those who leave the lights on when they leave the room and the faucet on while they brush their teeth.

The customizable packages start at $75 for a dorm room, $80 for an apartment, and $99 for a home. The accompanying Web site offers carbon calculators designed to tally a household's needs and potential resource savings.

Thrown in the dryer, these balls are supposed to help dry clothes faster.
Thrown in the dryer, these balls are supposed to help dry clothes faster. Earth Aid Enterprises

A family of three would save $460 in energy bills and 7,442 pounds of carbon after using a kit for a year, the company suggests.

Depending upon the need of each home, each kit includes a combination of programmable thermostats, smart power strips and timers, fluorescent bulbs, LED night lights, low-flow shower heads, tire pressure gauges, and weather sensors.

Recent college graduates launched Earth Aid Enterprises out of Washington, D.C.

(Via Sustainablog)

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