Getting chatty with the Parrot Minikit Slim

The Parrot Minikit Slim makes it very easy to make and receive calls without taking your eyes off the road to look at your phone, but a poorly executed visor clip makes this otherwise excellent speakerphone feel cheaper than it is.

Parrot Minikit Slim
Read the full Parrot Minikit Slim review. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

With its simple interface and slim profile, the Parrot Minikit Slim is a very attractive looking Bluetooth speakerphone.

Dig a little deeper and you'll find an intuitive feature set that makes placing calls from the device simple. However, use the Minikit Slim for an extended period of time and you'll begin to notice a shoddier build quality than you'd expect from an otherwise great device.

Read the full Parrot Minikit Slim review.

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