GetMobio gets Windows Mobile Love

Get widgets on your Windows Mobile smartphone with GetMobio.

If you've been a smartphone user running Windows Mobile and looking to play around with GetMobio's "lifestyle portal" for various Web 2.0 widgets, there's a new version made just for you. Windows Mobile users can grab it at, which will direct you towards a small download.

Both versions offer the same selection of the dozen built-in widgets, the most notable ones being a cheap gas finder, a lightweight and good looking version of Twitter, and an integrated RSS reader that remembers all your feeds. We did a hands-on with the service back in June, and since then they've added a movie finder, trivia game, and support for more carriers and handsets.

If you're scared of bookmarks in your mobile browser, or looking for something a little more eye friendly, GetMobio offers up a pretty good smattering of useful widget-like apps. However, despite the move to Windows Mobile, there's nothing particularly platform specific that's going to give users a better experience than the iterations for less capable handsets. But if you've been wanting to give this a go on your snazzy new smartphone, you're now in luck.

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