Get your pot-related URL now!

In anticipation of pot legalization in California, the enterprising or merely hopeful are snapping up domain names like

The modern world has one immutable law: where the founders of Facebook go, so does the rest of society.

Recently, Dustin Moskovitz and Sean Parker, just two of the characters from "The Social Network," donated $170,000 to assist Proposition 19, a California idea aimed at legalizing pot.

And now I read in The New York Times that, sensing a turning of the tides, or merely a cloud of smoke about to emerge from an important chimney, many people are anticipating pot legalization by buying up pot-related domains.

The Times tells of Kevin Faler, who was once a police officer on the search for narcotics and has now turned to the more reputable pursuit of registering more than 1,000 pot-themed domains., for example. Oh, and Who can but admire his sense of line-extension on learning that he has also registered

Some dogs, especially those nasty rottweilers, just need to chill. And hey, some dogs get terminal diseases, too.

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You will feel strangely relaxed on learning that Faler told the Times that he hopes to make a lot of money from his aforethought. His dream, you see, is to buy a condo in Morocco. I am sure it is not a pipe dream.

What Faler and other enterprising individuals are betting on is the mentality of human beings who will wish to order their legal pot online, rather than relying on that nice but hairy young man on a bicycle who currently delivers, for example, in New York's Lower East Side.

Will people go local, by plumping for, say, Or might they be more inclined to type in the more generic Will they merely Google "pot", in which case you will need that upfront in your domain name, or will they trouble themselves to spell "marijuana"? Or "ganja"? Or "weed"?

Your eyes will be encouraged to roll back in your head when you discover that currently offers the idea that "God made weed. God made all things. Praise Jah!" Yes, it does indeed quote the Book of Genesis.

And what of those who use more colloquial words for the drug? Several people I know who tend to partake of pot's soothing medicinal attributes refer to it simply as "dodo." However, appears currently to be the home of an Australian broadband company. Might some forward-thinking intelligence attempt to register, which appears still to be available?

In the world of business, there are only winners and losers. Those who register domains will gamble and some will emerge victorious. still seems to be available. So does Just sayin'.

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