Get smokin' on a gas grill

Stainless-steel smoker tray set for those with gas grills.

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There is nothing quite like grilling food over an open flame, using all that deep smoke to impart flavor. As fat melts away, smoke and heat combine to form delicious flavor that cannot be achieved in any other way. For charcoal fires, the solution is easy: soak some wood chips in water and then place on the burning coals. However, for those with a gas grill, getting that smoky goodness is not as easy.

Luckily, there is the Charcoal Companion Platinum Grid with Smoker Trays Set for people with gas grills. Simply fill the adjustable smoking chambers with wood chips and place the tray on top. As the wood chips burn, aromatic smoke wafts up into the food, enhancing everything from meat and fish to delicate vegetables. The large size tray measures 21 inches wide by 14 inches deep. The entire device stands only 3 inches tall.

The convenience and ease of gas grills is mirrored in this smoking-tray set. The chambers protect your grill from accumulated residue left behind from smoking chips. Additionally, the set is dishwasher safe. For those who enjoy a good old-fashioned smoked meal, but don't want all the hassle of a fire pit, a gas grill and this smoker set could be the way to go.

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