Get learned on music streaming services

Learn about a handful of music discovery services.

Earlier today, I sat down with Jasmine France, CNET's Senior Associate Editor of MP3 & Digital Audio and host of the MP3 Insider Podcast, to talk about free online services for streaming music. We've covered all of the ones we talked about in previous posts on Webware (see link dump below), but who knows--you might learn something new.

Also, for information on the legality of sites like these, read this post from CNET's Daniel Terdiman, who digs deep into how these start-ups are avoiding DMCA crackdown to keep your cloud-sourced mixtapes safe and sound.

I've embedded the podcast below. We've also got a live version of the show on video after the break. Feel free to share your personal favorites for music streaming and discovery in the comments.

Download mp3 (8.3 MB)

Links from the show:
MixWit ( Coverage )
MuxTape ( Coverage )
ThisIsMyJam ( Coverage )
GrooveShark lite ( Coverage )
Songza ( Coverage )

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