Get an Xbox 360 Pro bundle for $239 shipped

It's brand new, not a refurb, and you don't have to mess with any rebates. Game on!

Dell has the 60GB Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle for just $239 shipped. Lowest price yet! Dell

Good news, game fans! Dell just knocked another $20 off the Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle, bringing the total price down to $239.20 shipped. (Use coupon code PLDWH47D$6BT2J at checkout to get the discounted price.)

This bundle includes two kid-friendly games: LEGO Indiana Jones (awesome, awesome game) and Kung Fu Panda (haven't played it).

As for the Xbox itself, it's the 60GB model with the highly desirable HDMI output--though you'll have to provide your own HDMI cable.

This is the lowest price I've seen yet on a new Xbox 360 Pro, and you get two free games to boot. (Don't want 'em? They'd probably fetch around $30 on eBay).

If you've been eyeballing the higher-end Xbox, Dell has the Xbox 360 Elite bundle for $319.99 shipped (with the same coupon code). It comes with the same two games, an HDMI cable, and other goodies.

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