Get an Electrohome turntable-in-a-suitcase for $79.96 shipped

This nifty '60s-throwback record player normally sells for $99.99. Here's a CNET-exclusive coupon for $20 off.

A record player inside a wood-cabinet suitcase. How cool is that?
A record player inside a wood-cabinet suitcase. How cool is that? Shoptronics

Have you heard? Vinyl is making a comeback. No, really -- a growing number of artists are releasing (or rereleasing) albums on honest-to-goodness LP platters.

So maybe you're into that, or maybe you've got a milk crate full of your old records and want to enjoy them again. Either way, this deal is groovy, man. (Groovy. Get it?!)

For a limited time, has the Electrohome Archer Turntable Stereo System for $79.96 shipped. That's after applying coupon code ELEBRIEF at checkout. Regular price: $99.99. (And I've seen it elsewhere for as much as $139.99.)

The Archer looks like a prop from "Mad Men." It's actually a turntable housed inside a vintage-looking wood suitcase, meaning you can easily take it over to friends' houses and listen to records after school.

In fact, just like turntables of old, this one has built-in stereo speakers. And it also caters to modern listening preferences with USB and auxiliary inputs, so you can plug in your phone/MP3 player or a flash drive stocked with tunes. There's a headphone jack, too, for private listening.

The only bummer is that the Archer doesn't seem to offer any kind of USB-to-PC support, meaning you can't use it to "rip" your vinyl to MP3 format.

But if you're more interested in reliving vinyl's glory days, this looks to be a neat and inexpensive way to make it happen.

Alas, I haven't found a single review of the player anywhere, so if you're familiar with it, hit the comments and let readers know what they're in for.

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