Get an Electrohome retro turntable stereo for $119.91

Break out the old vinyl and spin it on this '50s-style player, which also offers some decidedly modern features and normally runs $200.


Got vinyl? Those old wax platters are definitely enjoying a resurgence in popularity, partially due to nostalgia, and partially because some audiophiles prefer the warmer sound produced by analog media.

But who owns a turntable anymore? You can: ShopTronics offers the refurbished Electrohome Signature Retro Music System for $119.91, shipped. It sells new for $199.99, but the refurb comes with the same one-year warranty -- and the promise of "like-new" condition.

The Signature is a self-contained home stereo, meaning it combines a turntable, a CD player, an AM/FM radio, and four speakers. And it looks like something borrowed from the set of "Mad Men," though I suspect the players of that era didn't have a USB port.

This one does, and it's designed to help you "rip" LPs and 45s to MP3 files and save them directly to a USB drive. There's also an AUX input for connecting phones, tablets, MP3 players, and the like. Alas, no Bluetooth. (Of course, you could always connect a Bluetooth receiver like this $20 job from Monoprice.)

I have to say, I love the retro styling of this thing. Save for the small blue LCD window, it really does look like the real deal. The cabinet is made of wood and has a walnut finish, and even has a lid you can close to keep dust off the turntable.

Of course, looks aren't everything. But the 355 user reviews on Amazon tell a pretty positive story, with an average 4.1-star rating and lots of praise for the sound quality.

I'm not sure I'd spend $200 on something like this, but $120 out the door? That's not a bad price for a stereo that can give new life to my old vinyl -- to say nothing of my old CDs.


Bonus deal: It's hard to snap a good selfie. Not only do you have to hold your arm steady, you have to trigger the shutter without further jostling the camera. Solution: a remote-control shutter button. I've seen them selling for upward of $25, but at least one vendor on Ebay sells a Bluetooth camera shutter button for $3.67, shipped. In your choice of colors. From Hong Kong! (Honestly not sure how that's even possible.)

It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it has a keychain-friendly eyehook. Just be prepared to wait three to six weeks for delivery.


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