Get an 8GB iPod Nano for $124.99 shipped

Ready to pull the trigger on a next-gen iPod? J&R is selling the 8GB model for $25 less than Apple. And you can get it in any color you want, as long as it's yellow.

Apple's price on the current-generation 8GB iPod Nano: $149.

J&R's price on the current-generation 8GB iPod Nano: $124.99. Amazingly, that's for a new unit, not a refurb. And there's not a rebate in sight.

The catch? You have just one color option: yellow. (Don't worry, guys: It's a manly looking yellow.) J&R does carry all the other Nano colors, but they're priced at $139.99.

There's probably not much I can say about the Nano that you don't already know. And I've embedded CNET's First Look video if you want a quick overview.

Instead, I thought I'd list a few things you can do with the $25 (er, almost $25) you stand to save:

Assuming you were planning to buy a Nano anyway, what would you do with an extra 25 smackers?

Whatever the case, J&R says it has limited availability of these spiffy, yellow Nanos, so if you want in on the deal, click fast.

Update: As astute reader ZephyrVolta points out, the Apple Store is currently running a special on refurbished 8GB Nano players (again, 4th-gen): $99 shipped. They carry the same one-year warranty as new models, and they're available in all colors. Much better deal, IMHO!

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