Get a TomTom One 130 GPS for $47.98

Yes, it's a refurb with a rebate, but in exchange for those small details you're getting a nicely equipped nav system for a steal. You can even add celebrity voices.

This nicely equipped GPS can be yours for under $50. TomTom

Gonna make this quick because I'm late for the airport (San Francisco, here I come!). Amazon has the refurbished TomTom One 130 GPS for $47.98 shipped.

That's after a $20 mail-in rebate, but still. The TomTom 130 has some pretty decent features for an entry-level GPS, including text-to-speech and an optional traffic receiver.

You can also have a little fun by adding celebrity voices. Remember the Homer Simpson GPS from a couple weeks ago? You can add that voice, and many others, to the 130.

Amazon doesn't list the warranty, but because this is a refurb, assume 90 days.

I know nobody likes rebates, but when you take that into account, this is the lowest price I've seen yet on any GPS. If you don't already have a nav system for your car, you'd be crazy not to hop on this deal.

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