Get a Sanyo 720p camcorder for $149.99

This is a new camera and it comes with goodies such as a spare battery, carrying case, and HDMI cable.

The lovely Xacti VPC-ZH1 shoots 720p video and comes with a nice bundle of extras. Amazon
Remember the Sanyo Xacti 1080p camcorder deal I posted last week? At $380, it was probably cost a little more than what most folks wanted to spend. Now I have a much  cheaper deal that might be Xacti what you're looking for--sorry for the pun. OK,  no I'm not.) has the Sanyo Xacti VPC-ZH1 720p camcorder for $149.99. That is after applying coupon code ZH1R at checkout and adding about $11 for shipping to the cost.

This deal came to my attention on Friday, so there's a good chance it will sell out sometime today. If the deal ends, you can grab the Xacti for $159.99 from Amazon; however,  you wont get the extras included with the deal.

Before I get to the camcorder, let's talk goodies: Geeks is also throwing in a 1GB SD card, an HDMI cable, a spare battery, and a carrying case. 

The VPC-ZH1 shoots high-definition 720p video and stores video on SD/SDHC cards--it can support cards up to 32GB. The bundled 1GB card is probably good for about 30 minutes of HD recording, though that's just a wild guess on my part.

Some noteworthy specs include a 30x optical zoom, a 3-inch LCD, and user-adjustable settings for things like exposure, ISO, and white balance--options you won't find on your Creative Vados and Flip Videos. Oh, and you have to love the fire-engine-red paint.

I can't find many reviews of the VPC-ZH1; however, the three user ratings at the Amazon link are extremely positive. If you already own one of these, get thee to the comments!

Much as I like the pocketability of a compact cam like the Flip or Vado, there's much to be said for something you can grip. For hobbyist videographers, this is a hard deal to pass up.


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