Get a refurbished MacBook Air for $699 shipped

Plus: an Epson all-in-one printer deal you might actually be able to get. (Sorry about yesterday!)

Finally, a decent price on a MacBook Air!
Finally, a decent price on a MacBook Air! Apple

So about yesterday...

The Epson all-in-one printer deal turned out to be a train wreck. Apparently Epson's systems were down all day, meaning no one could place an order.

What caused the problem? According to an e-mail CNET received from Epson, the promo code was meant for a "private offer," and was never intended for publication. Thus, the big push from sites like this one might have overloaded Epson's servers.

In any case, I apologize for the snafu. How ironic that it wasn't the usual early sellout that tanked the deal.

Perhaps in an effort to make good, Epson is now offering a refurbished WorkForce 325 all-in-one printer for $24 shipped. (That price appears after you add it to your cart.) This is actually a little better than yesterday's WorkForce, as the 325 includes Wi-Fi.

It's in stock as of 9:30 a.m. ET. For how much longer, I have no idea.

Likewise, the Apple Store (online version) currently has the refurbished 1.4GHz MacBook Air for $699 shipped. I believe that's the lowest price I've seen on an Air--meaning these are almost sure to sell out.

This is the 1.4GHz model with an 11.6-inch screen, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of flash storage. (If this was a Windows system, I'd say 2GB sounded pretty weak--but you tell me, Mac users: is that enough RAM?)

Regular readers know that I've had more than my share of frustrations with Windows, but I've never been willing to pay the huge premium for a Mac. But $699 is mighty tempting, and the Air is without question one of the sexiest portable PCs I've ever seen.

Plus, like all Apple refurbs, it comes with a one-year warranty. Who's in?

Bonus deal: I'm not sure what business applications a Blu-ray player has, but Best Buy for Business has the Dynex DX-WBRDVD1 Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi for $49.99 shipped (when you use coupon code FREESHIP at checkout). It supports, CinemaNow, Netflix, and Pandora, and it's new!

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