Get a refurbished Kindle for $149

Or a refurbished Kindle 2 for $219! Those are the lowest prices I've ever seen on Amazon's e-book readers, and you even get a full one-year warranty.

Forget $259: a refurbished Kindle 2 will run you just $219, full warranty included. Amazon

As you've probably heard by now, Amazon just cut the price of the Kindle 2 to $259. Definitely a step in the right direction, but still too rich for my blood.

Now, $219 shipped for a refurbished Kindle 2? That's a deal worth considering.

This is the first time I've seen a refurb offer on the famed e-book reader, though, as it turns out, you can also get a 1st-generation Kindle for just $149 (!).

Both models come from Warehouse Deals by Amazon, meaning they're eligible for Amazon customer service and covered by a 30-day return policy. Better still, you get the same one-year warranty as for new units.

Consequently, you have nothing to lose by going the refurb route. So this begs the question: Will you pull the Kindle trigger for $219? For $149?

Much as I'm salivating over these deals, I'm still perfectly happy with the Kindle app on my iPhone. Indeed, as I've noted before, a Netbook or iPod Touch can pull e-book duty and a whole lot more.

That said, my bigger problem is with the out-of-whack price of e-books. I can live (sort of) with paying $9.99 for new releases, but older titles should be priced at a buck or two.

I digress. The bottom line is that if you've been itching for a Kindle, here's your chance to score last year's model for $149 or this year's for $219. Verrry tempting.

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