Get a Panda Pal portable speaker for $16.99 -- and help real pandas

This CNET exclusive is all kinds of awesome. You not only get a bargain on this supercute speaker, but also an easy donation to Pandas International.

All together, now: Awwwwwwww!
All together, now: Awwwwwwww! GoGroove

The speakers built into your laptop? Bleh. The speaker built into your smartphone or tablet? Double-bleh.

Whether you're looking to improve the quality of movie audio, share your tunes with everyone in the room, or just enjoy better sound from your mobile device, you need an external speaker.

Preferably one that's insanely cute.

For a limited time, CNET is partnering with Accessory Genie to offer the GoGroove Panda Pal portable speaker for $16.99 shipped (when you use promo code CNETPANDA at checkout). It sells elsewhere for around $20.

Granted, you're saving only about $3 here, but there's an extra perk: Accessory Power will donate 5 percent of the net profits to Pandas International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Giant Panda and its habitat. You save, pandas benefit. What's not to like?

As you can see, the Panda Pal is insanely cute. It's designed for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and pretty much any device that has an audio jack.

It runs on three AAA batteries, though it can also draw power from a USB port. It's 3.5mm stereo cable can wrap around and tuck into its midsection for easier portability.

OK, but how does it sound? You might not expect much from a speaker as cute and cuddly as this one, but check out the Amazon user reviews: more than 250 buyers rated the Panda Pal 4.5 stars out of 5 on average. Endorsements don't get much more rousing than that.

The CNET/Accessory Genie special (which, alas, is available only in the U.S.) ends at midnight (PT) on June 8, so you've got just a little over two days to grab this deal. Of course, it might sell out before then, so if you like your accessories adorable, don't wait.

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