Get a Nook Color tablet for $119 shipped

You'll need an eBay account to snag this KILLER DEAL from Barnes & Noble. It's a refurbished Nook, but so what? You still get a one-year warranty.

I'm going to make this quick because A) It's Saturday, and B) I'm concerned this is going to sell out while I'm typing these very words.

Barnes & Noble via eBay has the refurbished Nook Color 7-inch tablet for $119 shipped (plus sales tax in some states).

If you've somehow managed to resist the Nook as its price dropped from $199 to $179 to $159 to $139, your patience has paid off. Might we see it dip below $100 at some point? I suppose it's possible, but I have to think B&N will run out of these things eventually--especially now that its successor, the Nook Tablet, has arrived.

My advice: don't wait. As I've mentioned ad nauseum in recent months, I love the size, design, and heavy-duty feel of the Nook Color, and I especially love what happens when you ditch the Barnes & Noble OS (which is very nice, but limited) in favor of full-fledged Android.

Indeed, when you root the Nook via conventional means or pop in an N2A or RootMyNookColor card, you're left with an extremely versatile, sufficiently powerful 7-inch Android tablet. (I say "sufficiently powerful" because it can smoothly stream video via Netflix, which is my benchmark.)

B&N's eBay page reports a "limited quantity" available, so I have no doubt these are going very fast. As always, the company's refurbs are backed by a full one-year warranty--and in my experience, they arrive in like-new condition.

Get one. You won't be disappointed.

Bonus deal: Got a Kmart near you? Put the pedal to the metal (but safely, please!) and grab an Xbox 360 4GB game console for $149.99 (plus sales tax, natch). This unparalleled deal is available in-store only. My advice: call first to make sure they're in stock, then ask them to hold one for you so you don't have to break any traffic laws.

P.S. Don't forget: today is Small Business Saturday!

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