Get a NeatDesk document scanner for $269.99

That price is good today only, and while supplies last. This scanner, which makes short work of documents, receipts, and business cards, rarely sells for less than $400.

The NeatDesk scanner quickly absorbs documents, receipts, and business cards, then files them away digitally.
The NeatDesk scanner quickly absorbs documents, receipts, and business cards, then files them away digitally. Woot

Still think the paperless office is a pipe dream? Half the battle is scanning all your documents, which is a pretty big hassle with typical flatbed (and even sheet-fed) scanners.

That's what makes the NeatDesk such a cool tool: it quickly batch-scans documents, receipts, and business cards, then organizes them into digital filing cabinets. There's no other product quite like it.

Alas, such efficiency doesn't come cheap. The NeatDesk retails for $399.95, and it's rare to find it selling for much less. Today only, however, Woot has a refurbished NeatDesk desktop scanner for $269.99, plus $5 for shipping.

That's still pretty pricey for a scanner, but as I said, the NeatDesk is unparalleled when it comes to digitizing documents.

Just plug it into a USB port, fire up the software, and start feeding your paper. A few clicks is all it takes to route scanned documents into folders (or tag them for tax time, a handy perk).

CNET hasn't reviewed the scanner, so check out PC Magazine's writeup from last year. I should note that the bundled NeatWorks software is available for both Windows and Mac.

I've used the NeatDesk myself, and it's an impressive product--fast, quiet, and pretty good at OCR (which saves a lot of time when scanning receipts). If you're reaching for the brass ring that is the paperless office, this will definitely give you a boost.

Bonus deal: Game time! The Games for Windows Marketplace currently has Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) for just $4.99. I can't say I'm a fan of the gratuitous violence, but I must admit it's one of the most purely fun open-world games ever.

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