Get a 'Homer Simpson' GPS for $89.99 shipped

Actually, it's a refurbished TomTom One XL-S you can upgrade with the voice of Homer Simpson ($12.95), who provides hilarious turn-by-turn guidance. Wrong turn? D'oh!

Drop an extra $12.95 and this TomTom GPS will tell you where to go--as Homer Simpson. TomTom

Update: Sorry, folks, looks like Newegg sold out. That happens with many of the deals I post, so as always, if you see something you like, hurry before it's gone!

The best GPS deals these days fall in the $50-60 range, but sometimes it's worth paying a little extra. Case in point: Newegg has the refurbished TomTom One XL-S wide-screen GPS for $89.99 shipped.

So why is this model worth a few extra bucks? Two words: Homer Simpson. Like many TomTom nav systems, the XL-S lets you install (for a nominal charge) various celebrity voices.

The latest addition is "Simpsons" cast member Dan Castellaneta, who tells you where to go--as Homer.

Need I say more? Well, OK, I'll say more: The XL-S also offers a 4.3-inch touch screen, text-to-speech capabilities, Bluetooth, and an optional traffic-data receiver.

However, it's important to note that text-to-speech isn't available with the celebrity voices--only the built-in computer voice. Thus, Homer says things like, "At the end of the road, turn left," not, "Turn left on Evergreen Terrace."

Also, the Bluetooth capability doesn't afford hands-free calling like on some models. It does, however, allow you to download traffic data via your cell phone, without the need for the aforementioned receiver. (You still need a TomTom PLUS subscription, though.)

I particularly like TomTom's Map Share feature, which lets you make map changes and import changes made by other users. Also, the easy-to-use TomTom Home desktop software helps you update the device, install new voices, plan routes in advance, and so on.

The Homer voice costs $12.95, which I think is quite reasonable. It's optional, of course, and I'll admit the novelty does wear off--in about three years! Seriously, I so dig this that I'm selling the Sony GPS I bought a few months back and moving to the TomTom. You?

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