Get a GPS navigation system for $84 (after rebate)

eCost has the Holux GPSmile 52 Plus in-car navigation system for $84 (after a $45 mail-in rebate). It's a pretty no-frills model, but it's also the cheapest touchscreen GPS I've ever seen.


Remember the $99 Holux GPS from a couple months ago? It's back, only this time it's selling for just $84 (after a $45 mail-in rebate).

To recap the highlights: 3.5-inch touchscreen, preloaded U.S. maps, SiRFstar III chipset (which is the latest and greatest), and windshield mount. It also plays MP3s and photos. Just don't expect any frills like traffic updates or a speakerphone.

Has anyone purchased this model? If so, hit the comments and let your fellow Cheapskaters know what you think of it. For what it's worth, I've never seen a lower price on a touchscreen GPS.

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