Get a free one-day pass to Sam's Club

Print this coupon from Allstate, and get the same deals members do--for a day. It's not a tech deal, but the warehouse retailer does carry a variety of electronics.

Score a day's worth of deals at Sam's Club with a one-day membership pass. Sam's Club

Want to stock up on batteries, toilet paper, rice, and other bulk essentials? Head to your local warehouse club.

Of course, normally, you have to pay an annual membership fee to reap the savings, but Allstate has a coupon (PDF) that'll get you into Sam's Club for a day--and waive the usual 10 percent upcharge that nonmembers pay.

I realize this isn't a tech deal, per se, but Sam's Club does carry a variety of computers, electronics, and the like. Plus, the coupon lives on the Web, so it kinda sorta fits, right?

Anyway, there's nothing to indicate you need to be an Allstate customer to use the pass (which is good until March 31), but you do need to visit an actual Sam's Club store: The coupon isn't valid for

What say you, fellow cheapskates? Are you already out the door and heading for your nearest Sam's Club? Or do you find warehouse clubs much ado about nothing?

Personally, I'm a Costco guy. While I do love their produce and bulk batteries, I find their computer/electronics prices to be a little on the high side. Of course, Costco's return policy is pretty awesome.

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