Get a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for $169.99

Before you get too excited, it's a refurb--and Best Buy is offering no warranty beyond a 30-day return option. Still, it's tempting.


A couple weeks back I wrote that RIM had once again cut BlackBerry PlayBook prices , with the 16GB model down to just $199. My question at the time: Was it worth buying at that price?

My feeling was that the PlayBook faced an uncertain future, and therefore might not be the best choice.

Man, did I get an earful. PlayBook owners are a vocal and passionate bunch, and they rightly noted that the tablet does have GPS, while a forthcoming OS update promises to open the door to Android app compatibility--which is a big deal.

And speaking of deals, that brings us to today's: Best Buy has the refurbished 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $169.99, plus sales tax and around $9 for shipping.

Now, that's a pretty killer price for any full-featured 7-inch tablet. The downside is this: although Best Buy offers a 30-day return policy, there is no warranty.

Deal-breaker? You tell me. It doesn't seem like there's all that much that can break on a tablet (save for the screen going bad), and any existing problems are likely to reveal themselves within that 30-day window.

That said, it might be worth spending an extra $30 on a new PlayBook with a full warranty. Like I said, you tell me.

Also, sorry for the back-to-back tablet deals, but, hey, you gotta go with what's hot!

Bonus deal: Game time! Amazon has Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 (both for Windows) for $4.99 apiece. These are the download versions of two top-rated action-RPGs.


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