Get a 5-inch Garmin GPS with lifetime traffic for $99.99

This is no entry-level nav system. In addition to live traffic, it features a Bluetooth speakerphone and the gas-saving ecoRoute.

This isn't some entry-level GPS; the Nuvi 1490T has features like Bluetooth and subscription-free live traffic updates.
This isn't some entry-level GPS; the Nuvi 1490T has features like Bluetooth and subscription-free live traffic updates. TigerDirect

Why spend a couple grand on an in-dash navigation system when you can get a portable, better-equipped GPS for a fraction of the price?

To wit, TigerDirect has the refurbished Garmin Nuvi 1490T 5-inch GPS with lifetime traffic for $99.99, plus $2.29 for shipping.

Don't let the refurbished part bother you. Garmin backs the Nuvi with a full one-year warranty, which is the same as new units. And you get a free map update when you register the device, so you don't have to worry about outdated maps. This is, in my humble opinion, good as new.

And just plain good. The roomy screen makes maps and other data that much easier to read, yet the device is nowhere near as big and bulky as the 5-inch nav systems of yesteryear. Indeed, it measures just over half an inch thick.

Features include Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls, an integrated FM receiver with subscription-free (but ad-supported) traffic updates, nearly 6,000,000 points of interest, lane assistance, and EcoRoute, which promises to give you the most fuel-efficient route and teach you to become a more fuel-efficient driver. Hey, anything that helps you conserve gas is a winner in my book.

CNET gave the Nuvi 1490T 3.5 stars out of 5, while hundreds of TigerDirect customers collectively rated it 4.4 stars out of 5. While I definitely recommend reading CNET's review, keep in mind that it was based on the SRP of $219.99. I think the $99.99 price tag alone merits an extra star.

As always, there's definite sellout potential here. I should also note that you can bump up to two-day shipping for just $10 and get this in time for Father's Day--just in case you need a last-minute gift.

Bonus deal: Speaking of awesome gift items, AT&T has the refurbished first-generation 64GB iPad 3G + Wi-Fi for $429 shipped (plus sales tax). That's roughly half of what this model originally sold for when it was new. The only rub: you get a 90-day warranty instead of one year.

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