Get a 3TB external hard drive for $125

That's the lowest price--by far--I've ever seen on a 3TB drive. It's new, not refurbished, and available without rebates.

Seagate's unassuming black slab holds a whopping 3TB of data.
Seagate's unassuming black slab holds a whopping 3TB of data. Seagate

If you're building a massive media library--high-definition home video, recorded TV shows, DVD rips, etc.--there's no such thing as too much storage.

The biggest hard drive you can buy today holds 3TB--and usually costs a pretty penny, even for internal models. But until April 16, Office Depot has the Seagate Expansion 3TB USB hard drive for $124.99 shipped (plus sales tax in some states).

Update: Sorry, folks. Looks like Office Depot is out of stock.

To get that price (it'll show up as $149.99 when you click the link), you need to pad your cart so it tops $150. Here's a box of paper clips for 79 cents, or a pink eraser for 29 cents. Once you've added one of those items (or something else you might want), apply coupon code 48437290 to knock the price down to $124.99 (plus whatever pad item you chose).

The Expansion drive features a whopping 3,000GB of storage (I can barely wrap my brain around that), a 7,200rpm rotation speed, USB 2.0 connectivity (one would hope for eSATA and/or USB 3.0 in such a newfangled drive, but c'est la vie), and a one-year warranty.

Seagate provides no software to speak of, so if you're planning to use the drive for backup purposes, be sure to check out my post on free Windows backup utilities that don't cost a dime.

Although you have to jump through one small hoop to get this drive, $125 for 3TB is simply an unreal deal--especially considering there are no rebates involved. Thus, there's a very good chance the drive will sell out. (Don't blame me if it does--blame the country's digital hoarders!)

Bonus deal: Remember the HP Pavilion dm1z ultraportable laptop I wrote about last month? It was a sweet deal at $419.99, but now you can snag a Pavilion dm1z for $399.99 shipped (use coupon code NB3527 at checkout). Read my review to learn more about this awesome laptop/Netbook hybrid.

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