Get a $310 Mac software bundle for $49

This "Lifehacker-approved" collection includes tools for improving your productivity, security, and system performance. Plus, a no-purchase-required freebie bundle!


As a former Lifehacker contributor, my ears perked up a bit when I learned that StackSocial was offering a Lifehacker Mac Bundle.

After all, it seems like there's a new software bundle every other week. But I'd never seen one with the Lifehacker "seal of approval." Would this one be particularly special?

I'd say that's open for debate. On the surface, it's certainly a good deal: You get nine Mac apps (you know: programs) for $49. Their combined value if purchased separately: $310. I'm no Mac user myself, but I know a bargain when I see one.

Of course, the actual value of the bundle depends on your needs. This one includes utilities for troubleshooting, optimizing, and securing your system, along with a couple productivity boosters and media helpers.

For example, there's Micromat TechTool Pro 6, which runs extensive diagnostic tests on your Mac and promises to "help prevent costly machine repairs." (A lofty claim, but among its capabilities are corrupted-hard-drive rebuilds.) By itself, this utility normally sells for $99.99.

The bundle also includes turbo-charged file manager Path Finder 6, text expander TextExpander 4, data-security tool MacHider, and AirPlay helper AirServer (which lets you stream whatever you want from your iOS device to your Mac).

Good stuff, no? I'd say if you're interested in at least three of the items in this bundle, it's well worth buying. However, StackSocial offers no refunds, so do a little legwork first to make sure these are programs you really want.

Fortunately, you've got time: the bundle is available for another couple weeks.

Don't feel like spending any money? StackSocial's Mac Freebie Bundle is exactly that: a collection of eight Mac apps priced at $0. Gotta love free!

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