Get a 24-inch 1080p LCD for $159.99

Stocked with speakers and an HDMI input, this new (not refurbished) monitor should work just as well paired with a Blu-ray player or game console as it does with a PC.

The EQD Auria EQ2367 may be an off-brand monitor, but it's also an unbelievable deal. EQD

Update: Looks like this is sold out. (When I say act fast, I mean it!) But try checking back later and even in a day or two. Sometimes vendors get replenished stock.

Update #2: One commenter was told by the vendor that additional stock is expected tomorrow, so do check back!

I was going to post this yesterday, but I really thought the $149 Kindle was the more exciting deal. Judging from its lackluster response, I was wrong. Now I'm just hoping this monitor doesn't sell out or expire.

TigerDirect has a loaded 24-inch EQD Auria EA2367 LCD monitor for $159.99, plus $1.99 for shipping. It's a new monitor, not a refurbished unit. This is, without a doubt, the lowest price I've seen for a monitor of this size.

Actually, it's a little more than a monitor. Because it has an HDMI input and speakers, you could connect it to a Blu-ray player or game console--perfect for bedrooms, dorm rooms, and other small spaces.

I've never heard of the EQD brand, and I haven't been able to find any reviews on this model. But, hey, don't all flat-panel screens come from one of three factories anyway?

In any case, its specs look solid: 1080p resolution (1,920x1,080-pixels), 5ms response time, HDMI, and speakers (2 watts each--stand back!).

The monitor comes with a one-year warranty.

If you happen to own an EQD monitor--especially this one--by all means, share your feedback in the comments.

If I were in the market for a big, big monitor, I'd snap this up fast. Lowest. Price. Ever!


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