Get a 19-inch widescreen LCD with speakers and HDMI for $139.99

Normally $200, this feature-packed monitor is on sale for $139.99, and you don't have to wait on a rebate.

Best Buy

Looking for a second monitor? Or an LCD for the den or bedroom? Best Buy has a Hannspree 19-inch widescreen on sale for $139.99 -- and no rebates! You can also avoid shipping charges by picking it up in-store, though you will have to pay sales tax.

Normally I wouldn't get too amped about a 19-inch monitor, but this one has two big perks: built-in speakers and an HDMI interface (VGA, too). That means you could connect, say, a Blu-ray player or Xbox 360, or even an HD cable box. And because the monitor has a maximum resolution of 1,440 by 900, it can do 720p HDTV if you do connect a box.

Alas, the speakers have just two watts of power behind them, so don't expect audio that'll blow your hair back. But otherwise this monitor's a winner: It has 27 glowing user reviews on Best Buy's product page. I'm very tempted to grab one for use with a media-center PC.

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