Get a 16GB flash drive for $10.84

This isn't some refurbished no-brand drive that requires a $20 mail-in rebate. Rather, it's a new PNY drive, and that's your out-the-door price (not including tax).

The PNY Mini Attache 16GB flash drive can be yours for under $11.
The PNY Mini Attache 16GB flash drive can be yours for under $11. Walmart

Here's something you don't see, well, ever.

While supplies last, Wal-Mart has the PNY Mini Attache 16GB USB flash drive for $10.84, plus sales tax in most states. Shipping adds another $1.97, though you can skip that by picking one up in-store. (I'd call first to make sure they have them in stock.)

Update: Looks like the sale is over, folks. The price is back up to around $29. (Or perhaps it was a price mistake?)

Even with shipping, that's the lowest nonrebate price I've seen on a 16GB drive. It's still pretty rare to find one for under $20, and not uncommon to see them selling for $30 (which, incidentally, is what Wal-Mart charges for a 16GB SanDisk Cruzer drive.)

So, is the PNY some junky drive that's only good for Clinton-era PCs? Nah. A flash drive is pretty much a flash drive, and the Mini Attache is--you guessed it--a flash drive.

About its only noteworthy feature, aside from its universal USB 2.0 compatibility, is its "swing cap," which is nice because it can't get lost. Also, the drive offers a whopping 16GB of storage, making it ideal for file transfers, on-the-fly backups, and housing your favorite PC security/repair utilities. Heck, with that much space, you can use it for all of the above.

Because it's Wal-Mart, there should be a pretty good supply of these babies--though at this price, there's definitely a sellout risk. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a 16GB flash drive for less than $16.

Bonus deal No. 1: Eagle-eyed reader Jim spotted this black nylon laptop carrying case for for $5 shipped (actually, it's 1 cent, plus $4.99 for shipping, but that's just semantics). Though it claims to be intended for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook (puke), you can obviously use it with any Netbook or small laptop.

Bonus deal No. 2: You can get a one-year subscription to Wired for $5 when you use coupon code getwired at checkout. (Nepotism alert: I'm an occasional contributor.) Your print subscription also entitles you to the iPad edition, which, if I may say so, rocks.


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