Get 50 comic books for $9.99

Mystery box! Who knows what DC, Marvel, Topps, and other comics you'll get? But isn't it worth 10 bucks (plus shipping) to find out?

For just $9.99 (plus shipping), you get a whopping 50 comics from these well-known publishers. Graveyard Mall
Mind if I shake things up a little today? I realize comic books have very little to do with gadgets, gear, or technology in general, but this is such a unique and attractive deal, I couldn't pass it up.

Today only, Graveyard Mall is offering 50 assorted comics for $9.99 (plus around $6 for shipping). The selection includes titles from Dark Horse, DC, Epic Comics, Marvel, and more--but "most will be Marvel," according to the order page.

If memory serves, these days the average comic book sells for around $3.99. Needless to say, a stack of 50 for 10 bucks is pretty spectacular.

My little cheapskates, especially my 7-year-old son, will be in pulp heaven when this box arrives. I'm sure not all the titles will be Spider-Man and Star Wars, but I think half the fun lies in not knowing what we'll get.

I don't know exactly what time this deal expires (it's simply listed as the "daily deal"), nor if it might sell out. I do think comic fans will probably jump on it quick, so I wouldn't wait to pull the trigger.

Bonus deal: If you absolutely positively need your daily gadget fix, I won't leave you hanging. CellularFactory has an iPhone 3G/3GS dock/charger for $4.99, plus free shipping with coupon code 3Q6GC9. Apple charges $29 for more or less the same thing. I'm in.

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