Geodelic location app now available for all Android handsets

Geodelic gives users the ability to swipe various locations on their handset to find anything want.

Geodelic on the MyTouch 3G

Remember that hot, location-based app, Sherpa , that was launched with the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G back in the summer? Well, now Sprint and Verizon Wireless users can get in on the fun with a location app that's available for all Google Android carriers.

Geodelic gives users the ability to swipe various locations on their handset to find anything from mom-and-pop pizza parlors to high-class hotels. The app features a feature called "passive personalization," which adapts to the user's tastes. The more it is used, the better the app "knows" the user.

The company shows no signs of slowing. Geodelic soon will push its location-based publishing system out to developers and businesses. Think along the lines of your favorite coffee shop alerting you to free upgrades as you near the shopping plaza.

Geodelic is available not only for Android handsets now, but also for the iPhone. That's great for businesses interested in publishing their own mobile content as they'll be given immediate access to the constantly growing user base. As a T-Mobile exclusive, Sherpa received 300,000 downloads and has an active base of around 100,000 monthly users.

Geodelic placed second among hundreds of mobile apps entered in the Mobile App Showdown held during last week's CES. I downloaded Sherpa on my G1 when it was released and have fallen in love with it. It's among my favorite location-based apps on my handset.

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