Geezeo adds ratings of online brokerage firms

Geezeo adds a ratings feature to its service, which will allow users to rate online brokerage firms based on their experience.

Geezeo, an online financial management service, announced Wednesday that it has expanded its Marketplace to include ratings of online brokerage firms.

According to the company, visitors can now evaluate brokerage firms based on the initial investment required to sign up for an account, associated fees related to stocks, and the overall experience of using the service.

"Geezeo is all about helping our community of users save and make money," Peter Glyman, Geezeo co-founder, said in a statement. "The addition of the Brokerage Marketplace will provide another resource for our users to find the best investment products to help them reach their financial goals."

Geezeo believes its new feature goes beyond providing more information for the user. According to Glyman, user reviews give brokerage firms a glimpse into what people like and dislike from the service and offer them an opportunity to improve. The company will also allow brokers to join in on the discussion.

"Brokers themselves stand to gain from their placement on, and involvement with, Geezeo," Glyman said. "Brokers can join in on discussions with customers in a way that demonstrates their commitment to transparency and quality service."

Users can start adding reviews now on Geezeo's page.

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