Gas guzzler? This Hummer's a gum-guzzler

Piece of art shaped like a Humvee is filled with gumballs.


Even if they involve Optimus Prime, we're sick of geeky cakes.

The convergence of the automotive and confectionary industries reached a fever pitch quite some time ago, in that South Park episode where Satan demands to have a "Ferrari cake" at his Halloween party, after all. But that doesn't mean there's no room left for innovation in the field of tooth-rottingly-sweet edible homages to technology.

We are, for example, totally loving this masterpiece by artist Heidi Hesse. has created a wire frame shaped like a Humvee (the military vehicle that inspired our wonderful, beloved Hummer) and filled it with tasty, tasty gumballs. Not sure if Schwarzenegger would approve, but we'll take it, provided there's some way to surreptitiously steal the gumballs and chew up their sugary goodness.

It's so colorful, it really deserves its own Sony Bravia commercial.

(Via Core77)

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