Garmin intros Nuvi 700 series; touts ease of use

Garmin unveils the Garmin Nuvi 700 series with a new simplified interface.

Garmin Nuvi 760
Garmin Nuvi 760 Garmin

Far be it from Garmin to let TomTom have all the spotlight today. Yes, Garmin had some news of its own as it introduced the Garmin Nuvi 700 series of portable navigation systems. The family includes three models--the Garmin Nuvi 750, Nuvi 760, and Nuvi 770--and features an enhanced user interface that makes these systems simpler to use. For example, you can now choose between a QWERTY or alphabetical keyboard. I know, it may not seem like such a huge deal but after struggling to enter addresses on an alphabetical keyboard, I'm pretty excited about this new functionality. Each model also has Bluetooth for hands-free calling, a built-in FM transmitter so you can hear directions, phone calls and MP3s though your car's stereo, and up-to-date traffic alerts (with a lifetime subscription to traffic services!). In addition, they have nice 4.3-inch wide-screen displays and text-to-speech functionality. The bad news is that you're going to pay for all these goodies. The Nuvi 750 will cost $624.85, while the 760 and 770 will go for $857.13 and $1071.42, respectively. All three will be available in Q4, so start saving your pennies now.

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