Gaming mouse: I blink, therefore I am

R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II has flashing lights, and customizable buttons.

I guess I could call the R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II a flashy device, but I would never go with such an obvious pun. Ever.

R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II

Still, the blinking LEDs were the first thing that caught my eye when I spotted this gadget for $59.99 on ThinkGeek. And they're programmable, so you can make them pulse to the unique beat of your own first-person shooting.

The apparent appeal of this mouse, besides its disco aura, is that it's customizable beyond the lights--a definite plus for gamers. Using the PAL 2.0 programming language, players can assign different functions to each of the seven buttons, including a function for tap, double tap and tap-and-hold. Plus, the round shape promises more precise fingertip control, which anyone out to kill the bad guys in Call of Duty 3 will surely appreciate.

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