Gaming keyboard meets manual typewriter

New version takes a cue from the past with rubberized keys.


Hard-core gamers are always looking for gear that will survive the most merciless abuse under their sweaty palms . So needless to say, tough keyboards are frequently at the top of the list.

But it isn't often that a new version borrows a technology from the distant past. The first gaming keyboard in OCZ's new "Alchemy" series features keys made from "100 percent rubber-coating for no-slip comfort," according to PClaunches. And in doing so, the "Elixir" is taking a tack used by old Royal and Underwood manual typerwriters, which occasionally sported rubber caps designed to endure the relentless pounding required to operate the primitive equipment.

Alchemy has included a few more modern features as well, such as 10 programmable keys--the same number provided by the lower-end version of the vaunted " Optimus Maximus " keyboard from Art Lebedev, by the way. We don't know how well the Elixir stacks up in that regard, but at $30 vs. $462, it might be worth a try just to see.

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