Game to players: 'You're fired!'

Ever wonder what it would be like to face Donald Trump (and his hair) in the boardroom? Now you can turn your fate over to the billionaire real estate baron without having to deal with all that pesky quasi-fame that comes with being a reality TV star.

Los Angeles game developer Legacy Interactive announced on Monday that it plans to turn "The Apprentice" into a video game timed to coincide with the next season of the NBC show, according to a blurb in The Hollywood Reporter. The game, slated for release in 2006, will allow players to assume the role of a hopeful applicant vying for a job with The Donald (and his hair).

Trump advisers George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher will be in on the action as contestants navigate their way through corporate challenges, potential romances and assorted insults from the boss. Vivendi Universal Games will distribute the title, which will be available for Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's new PlayStation Portable and PCs.
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