Game on! Obama, Romney debate to stream on Xbox Live

Microsoft's live gaming service will be showing tonight's first presidential debate and giving users the ability to answer polling questions and even submit their own.

A look at a sample poll question like the ones that Xbox Live viewers will see during tonight's presidential debate. Screen shot by CNET

There's plenty of places online to watch and kibitz over tonight's presidential debate --, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. But one place offering live streaming and interactive features might surprise you: Xbox Live.


Usually known as a place for teenage boys to spend hours playing games like the latest Halo, or for people to watch Netflix streaming movies, the popular service will offer tonight's debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and is accentuating it with live interactive polling.

On the official Xbox site today, Microsoft touted its presentation of the debate, along with the fact that users can both participate in live polls and submit their own questions. "Submit poll questions via Twitter: #XboxPoll," the site read. "If your question is selected, you'll see real-time reactions from other Xbox Live members."

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