'Game of Thrones' goes Mario-style with 8-bit game

The adventures and bloodshed of "Game of Thrones" get a whole lot cuter and more retro with a playable 8-bit-style video game.

8-bit "Game of Thrones"
You know how to game, Jon Snow. Abel Alves

You know a television show has truly hit the big time when it gets a retro video game salute.

" Breaking Bad " had the honor. " Mad Men " had the honor. Now "Game of Thrones" has the honor, too.

Abel Alves' 8-bit-style "Game of Thrones" tops most other retro-gaming TV tributes by being an actual playable game you can download as freeware. It has all the action you would expect, including fluttering crows, sword fights, and magic battles.

The game was created using the Arcade Game Studio program, a software tool dedicated to pitch-perfect re-creations of '80s video games.

If you don't have time right now to download and play the "Game of Thrones" game, you can still check out the gameplay trailer, which is made even more special with the addition of a cheesy "Game of Thrones" music track from Floating Point. The only thing that might make this better would be a cameo from Bowser all dressed up in chainmail.

(Via Design Taxi)

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