Game designer causes uproar with Virginia Tech game

Australian game designer has created a firestorm of controversy after making a video game based on the Virginia Tech slayings.

Talk about whistling past the graveyard.

An Australian video game designer has caused a major uproar Down Under with his creation of a game based on the Virginia Tech massacre.

Called V-Tech Rampage, the game has several levels of "stealth and murder," reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

But what really is causing the kerfuffle--as if the game itself wasn't in bad enough taste--is that its designer, Ryan Lambourn, says he will take the game down from his Web site only if the public comes up with a $2,000 payoff.

For another grand, he'll apologize.

"I've done offensive things before, but they're not usually this popular," the Morning Herald quoted Lambourn as saying.

He also said that friends encouraged him to put up the cash payment demand.

"Attention angry people," Lambourn wrote on his site. "I will take this game down from Newgrounds (where the game is hosted) if the donation amount reaches $1,000. I'll take it down from (Lambourn's Web site) if it reaches $2,000 and I will apologize if it reaches $3,000."

It's hard to know how to respond to that. So I won't.

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