Gallery: Cracking open a flip phone

Ever wanted to investigate your cell phone's innards? With TechRepublic's dismantlers, you don't have to risk your own warranty to learn its secrets.

Flip phone circuit board
Flip phone circuit board. Click on the image above to see more CNET Networks

Certain members of TechRepublic's staff boast that particular breed of inquisitiveness that makes them want to pry stuff open and check out its insides. We're talking about electronics, of course, not kittens. It's pretty innocuous, really, except that it totally voids your warranty. Legally, we here at Crave cannot condone the dismantling of electronics, nor of kittens, for that matter.

Anyway, TR has been nice enough to let sister site republish part of their "Cracking Open" series, where they dive into all manner of contemporary and vintage electronics. This time it's an LG flip phone. Next time... well, watch this space.

And in the meantime, be nice to kittens. And click on the image at right to go to "Cracking open a flip phone" on

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