Galaga fighter gets modern makeover

A gaming blast from the past gets a renewed lease on life in the form of a model kit.

Spare quarters not included. Wave Corporation

A new model kit gives us a better idea of what the spaceship from Galaga really looks like.

At long last, we can take a real glimpse at one of the most well-known spaceships of all time: the fighter that starred in the classic arcade game Galaga. The Galaga Fighter GFX-D002b non-scale model kit -- by Japanese hobby company Wave -- takes the classic 1981 8-bit icon and transforms it into a 21st century star fighter.

Similar to most model kits, the 3,780-yen ($46) Galaga Fighter comes in the box unpainted, but at least includes some decorative decals to get your engine purring. Designer Hiroshi Yokoyama created this modern interpretation of the arcade spaceship, and if you buy two, you can even lock them together for the dual fighter look. We weren't able to dig up any information about sizing, but it appears larger than the palm of your hand. Expect the Galaga Fighter to hit store shelves in Japan on March 2013 -- 32 years after the arcade game hit the scene in the States.

Anyone else having visions of high-definition Galaga gameplay? Wave Corporation
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