Gag gadgets galore

It's April Fools' Day, and the gadget weenies are having a ball.

Among our favorite faux product announcements today:

Motorola's iPod phone?
Credit: Carlo Longino
Motorola's iPod phone?

•  Mobile Music Blog offers a world exclusive sneak preview of Motorola's long-awaited iPod-phone hybrid. Hard drive and Shuffle models are available, and the rubber band is included!

• Not to be outdone, PhoneScoop has details on a competing Nokia music phone and an ultra-thin Motorola phone made of 55 percent recycled paper.

•  ThinkGeek has a little rubber gadget for getting two iPods to share data. Parents may want to keep their young 'uns away, unless they're ready to have one of those, "When the mommy iPod loves the daddy iPod..." discussions.

Credit: PodGear
PodShave and PodShave Lady

•  The iPod add-on specialists at PodGear offer PodShaver, an electric shaver attachment available in two forms: regular and PodShave Lady, specially designed to go with the iPod Mini.

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