Gadgettes 79: The Feel-Good Episode

It's summer outside! It's freakin summer outside! OK, so we realize we've been given an unseasonable gift in February. But that won't stop us from feeling good!

It's summer outside! It's freakin summer outside! OK, so we realize we've been given an unseasonable gift in February. But that won't stop us from feeling good!
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Polaroid digital photoframe makes them weirdly desirable

Barf no more with ReliefBand

Stink-free compost right in the kitchen

USB Wireless Finger Mouse

Tuck Your Cell Phone into The Tare Panda Holder at Night tuck_your_cell_phone_into_the_tare_panda_holder_at_night.html merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=T-MK41901&Category_Code=NEW

SweetPea3 MP3 player for kids

i-Buddy is Emoticons Brought to Life

Declare war on your cubicle nemesis (USB wireless rocket launcher)

Floating Ideas Lamp Levitates Your Photo

Sony Vaios try to make a ‘Splash’

What the hell!?
MacBook Air, from beauty to beast


Danny: Tamagotchi death


Hello crew,

I was writing in response to your episode 78. The reason people use color hangers if for easier categorizing.
Just like people use different color folder when filing or using different color tabs when marking something in outlook.

There is no illness that is directly tied to the act. (That is what the 7 voices in my head say.)



A new site just popped up that I read about on MSN, it’s a nifty little single serving website with a simple idea that just works.

Love the podcast!



I couldn’t believe it when I heard you comment on the skin eating fish! On a recent trip to Japan my best friend was taken to one of these pools by her friend in what I had previously assumed was an iconic Japanese thing. I ran right over to her and made her tell me all about it again. She said it was almost indescribable but I made her so here it what she said: Apparently it’s pretty uncomfortable.
It wasn’t painful but tickled too the point of discomfort like being scratched. Apparently it’s popular for women to go in groups and get this treatment to shoot the breeze. There was a sign saying it was an ancient Turkish tradition.

She still has all her toenails.



Hi Gadgettes,

I loved episode #78, but I do have one complaint. Kelly implied (well, more like stated) that anyone who has an iPhone is a show off. I totally disagree. My partner has an iPhone. He lives in a rural area where AT&T is his only available cell provider. Being AT&T, they have great business phones, but fairly lousy consumer phones, especially if you want a phone with data access. The iPhone was really his only available option to have data access on a consumer phone in the AT&T network without it totally sucking or without getting a business phone like a crackberry. He is so NOT a show off.

Now, on the other hand, I have an iPod Touch, and that’s totally about showing off. LOI.

Otherwise, great show.


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