Gadgettes 102: The 'We'll School You' Episode

The Gadgettes take on back-to-school days as only they can: with beer belts, Legos, and portable refrigerators.

The Gadgettes take on back-to-school days as only they can: with beer belts, Legos, and portable refrigerators.

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Episode 102

Batman-style beer belt doesn’t look marathon-ready
(Beerdolier) 6-liter personal fridge (Silver)

DVR Camball: The last electronic eyeball you will ever need

Super Talent Techonolgoy’s Pico D series: Larger capacity thumbdrive,
smaller size

New Lenovo Thinkpad has a Wacom tablet built in

Build the Taj Mahal out of 5,900 Lego pieces, the biggest Lego set ever

Shareware dresses: Geek fashion gone wrong (JTT)

Tool time (golf crap edition)
SensoGlove lets you get a high-tech handle on your golf swing

Hot Asian gadgets
Girls get the anime look with extra-wide contact lenses

What the hell?
Olympic “bird nest” MP3 player


Hi Lindsey, Molly, and Jason,

I am a long-time listener and first time writer, and I have something to


While it may be the height of “tool-iness” to be so lazy or sloppy in
one’s personal grooming as to need to wear a stupid GoBots mouth guard
in order to maintain one’s beard, just having a goatee is not.

I wear a goatee because (like the rest of the men in family) it
compliments the shape of my face and I choose to wear it over a full
beard because:
a) a full beard requires more maintenance–my hair is curly,
b) I don’t like the scruffy/itchy stage while beard’s is growing
in, and
c) I don’t like my beard scrubbing on the collars of my shirts,
jackets, etc.

I also don’t go clean shaven because I have been blessed/cursed/? with a

“baby face” and when I have to work with people, most of whom are much
older than I–with whatever other prejudices they may have, I don’t need
them treating me like a kid because I look like I’m sixteen instead of
my proper age of 33.

Love the show otherwise.



-dr. karl :)

Sent to you by Karl via Google Reader:

Gadget Or the Girl Reality Show Makes You Choose Between iPod or iPoon
[Gadget Or Girl]


Presenting the Dasubee toilet scrubbing robot better known as the urinal
check it out

from Sam
Melbourne, Australia


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