Gadgets that are bringing sexy back: Blender Edition

Unfortunately it doesn't look that functional.


A sexy blender doesn't have the same shock value as, say, a sexy air filter , but they still have a bit of a kick to them. Like this hourglass-shaped beauty from Breville, the Moda bar blender. It sure looks like it could make one heck of a margarita.

Unfortunately, at the same time it doesn't look all that functional. The stainless steel is sexy, yes, but I'm skeptical of the fact that it's not see-through and you consequently won't know exactly how well that frozen daiquiri's been blended. Plus, there are only two settings. My cheap blender from the '80s (shut up, it's "vintage") has at least five.

But if you're willing to take the risk, it's $100.

(Via Cribcandy)

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